Richmond Investigation The six member team of Eastern States Paranormal took a trip to Richmond Va for a certification class. As part of the class we were taken to a private residence to do a full blown investigation. During the classroom phase of our training we heard a males voice in the front room and no one was there, the sound of doors being shut. Upon entering the home after a break we had discovered that a closet light in the back bed room was on. To our knowledge no "living" person was responsible for turning the light on. While performing our investigation we made contact with the spirit of a older gentleman, and young girl along with the spirit of the home owners dog. This private home sits in an historical area of Richmond that is near a civil war battle field. Although we did not capture very much evidence on film we did capture several interesting EVP. We would like to send out our thanks and appreciation to team R.I.P.
"Get Out"
Female Saying "Help Me"
Female Saying "Let's Hide"
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