In the beginning it was just the seven of us. But as time goes by things change. For a time ESP only had four active members. Then out of the blue we found two new souls who had as much passion for the paranormal as we did. They showed as much excitement and enthusiasm as we did. My son John and his girl friend Heather joined our team. They turned out to be a very good fit to our team and have excelled to what we expect a team member to be! We did how ever have a few misses along the way but you have to take chances because you never know when you will get that perfect person. Then on the first community day at St. Albans I reconnected with an old friend I worked with a few years ago. I seen her excitement when she found out about our little group and I knew then she would be our next ESP member. Chelsea has been a tremendous asset to our group. She is very devout to her religion and has been very instrumental in a number of difficult cases. one day on one of our day tours we met a family who was interested in St Albans. But one person really stood out in his interest in the paranormal. He and a couple of his family members came back for a night tour and I think we knew then he was destined to be the next member of our ESP family. Brock is our newest member and we are excited to help further his interest in the paranormal field. Get to know our members
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