December 12, 2009 Investigation In spite of the bitter cold our team conducted a very exciting investigation at the King Center located in the (NRV) Radford Va area. What we thought was going to be a pretty quite night turned out to be a very exciting time. The spirits of the old Saint Albans Sanatorium apparently had other ideas. It seemed as if the spirits that still haunt this facility were wanting us to play a game of chase with them throughout the property. During our investigation we had many personal experiences with hearing disembodied voices, loud knocking, conversation when no one in the group was talking, foot-steps, seeing shadows, and having our clothing pulled on. All in all it was the most interesting and exciting time we've had so far.
"Thank You" or "We're Staying Here"
Santo Cinta (Fifth Saint)
"Shut Up" or "Should I"
"This Room"
"No" To A Question We Were Asking
"In Pain"
"Psycho Wards Are Full"
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