Paranormal Definitions
Paranormal Colors
  • Blue
    Usually associated with the American Union Army or the spirit of someone who died in a tragic love affair or while depressed.
  • Gray
    Usually associated with the American Confederate Army or the spirit in a library in America. In other countries, the color characterizes people who died tragically for the sake of love or died with a broken heart.
  • Green
    Someone of Irish heritage
  • Orange
    Someone who wishes to be noticed.
  • Pink
    The spirit of a person who committed suicide because they could not be with their lover.
  • Purple
    A Friendly Spirit.
  • Red
    The spirit of a very passionate or flirtatious person.
  • White
  • Yellow
    The spirit of a very opinionated person.
  • Black
    Religious devotee such as a priest, monk or nun.
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