February 20, 2010 Private Resident Investigation Update on our investigation of February 20, 2010. We are finally done with our evidence and the reveal to the family has been completed. So now we can finally get the results to you all. It was a very intensive and interesting night. As we said before we had 33 hours of audio and 15 hours of video. We will be posting some interesting pictures and several E V P;s. Some are really interesting and some are quite eerie. The claims at the property are full bodied apparitions, things being moved around, rustling sounds,foot steps and the property owner has been touched on several occasions. We do have some really good shots from the video but it may take us a little while longer to get those to you. This past week my brand new computer got the virus from h@*@. And it ate my computer alive!!! So once we get it back up and running we will be able to clip and upload the video for you to see. When we researched the property we found records that dated back to the mid 1800's but all of the deeds were had written and pretty much unreadable. The first records that we found that were typed were from 1923. The property changed hands several times and eventually was subdivided in to more than 12 lots. The lot that our clients bought was owned by five different families before they bought it. One of the things we found in a preliminary investigation that was done back in January was that there was a little girl named Debbie there and she said she died in a fire. During our research we discovered that there was a fire on the property. The home owner, while doing some excavation on the property did dig up an old foundation and there were items they found that looked to be burnt. One of the claims at the property was the home owner could not seem to get to sleep one night so he decided to go to the kitchen and get a bowl of cereal. He went to the living room to sit on the couch and as he was siting there he was nudged on the elbow. He looked around but saw nothing. He continued to eat and was nudged again. He just stood up and said "I'm sorry I didn't see you sitting there" and proceeded to go back to his room for the rest of the night. On another occasion he was in the kitchen and poured him self a glass of soda. The bottle only had a small amount and rather than open up another bottle he just made do with the small amount. The next morning he came down stairs to find a glass of soda poured from the new bottle and the bottle left open. He tried several times to get the children to admit to leaving the soda open but they were adamant that they had nothing to do with it. One of the E V P's we got was little girl saying "I drank it". When the children heard this they all shouted 'we told you it wasn't us"!!! There also seems to be the spirits of the property owners father and step mother which seems to comfort the family. Out of respect for the privacy of the family we will be posting no names or addresses nor will we post any pictures of the outside of the property.
"I Drank It"
"Turn The Lights On"
"Roy's Parking"
"Shut Your Mouth"
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